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What You Need to Know About Re-Entry Permits


Some Tampa, FL residents with green cards want to travel for an extended period of time. When that’s the case it’s a good idea to get a re-entry permit.

What is a re-entry permit

The re-entry permit essentially allows the green card holder to leave the United States for lengths of up to two years without giving up their permanent resident status. The U.S. government might assume that you’re giving up your permanent residence if you leave the country for a long time.

A re-entry permit also acts as a passport for green card holders that can’t get a passport from their country. They actually look a lot like passports coincidentally.

It typically takes the U.S. government 90 days to issue a re-entry permit, so you need to plan well in advance of your trip. Your application may be denied if you make any errors on your application or forget to include payment for the necessary fees. An immigration lawyer can go through the application process with you to ensure you fill it out properly.

Can you be denied re-entry with a permit?

It’s possible to be denied re-entry but it’s usually because of specific reasons. The government may deny you re-entry if you commit a crime abroad, engage in terrorist activities, or if you become ill and there’s a possibility of you infecting U.S. citizens. Customs officials may deny you re-entry if it’s clear that you’ve taken up residence abroad.

What do I need for a re-entry permit?

You need to fill out form I-131 to apply for the permit. Along with that, you need to include a biometrics fee, an application fee, two passport-style photos, and a photocopy of the front and back of your green card. The biometrics fee goes to the cost of fingerprinting you.

It’s best to work with an immigration lawyer when filling out your application. An immigration lawyer makes sure you understand everything involved with your reentry permit, and every part of the application. The lawyer will make sure you fill out the application properly so that you have the best chance of getting the permit. If you’re looking for an immigration lawyer Tampa, FL, click here.