What You Need to Know About Expedited Citizenship in Tampa, FL
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What You Need to Know About Expedited Citizenship in Tampa, FL


Are you the spouse of a member of the U.S. military? Is your spouse about to be deployed? If so, you may be in need of expedited citizenship to allow you to remain in the United States while your spouse is out of the country on duty. Diaz Shafer and the rest of the experienced immigration attorneys at Sunstate Immigration have the information you need about expedited citizenship, how to apply, and how it can benefit you during your spouse’s absence.


What is Expedited Citizenship?

Just as it sounds, expedited citizenship, also known as expedited naturalization, is a way of speeding up the process of becoming a naturalized United States citizen. Expedited citizenship is primarily reserved for spouses of active duty military members who either have been or are about to be deployed. By qualifying for expedited citizenship, spouses of military members are able to become U.S. citizens themselves, in considerably less time than it takes to become a citizen under other circumstances. This allows spouses of U.S. military members the ability to travel abroad for the duration of deployment and return to the United States immediately upon termination of deployment, all without fear of deportation.


Am I Eligible for Expedited Citizenship?

If you are currently over 18 years of age and can prove that your U.S. military spouse either is deployed or is about to be deployed, you may meet eligibility requirements for expedited citizenship. Additionally, you must be present in the United States at the time of naturalization, be able to read, write and speak basic English, have a basic knowledge of U.S. history and government, and be considered a person of good moral character. Any criminal charges may be seen as a strike against you, and can jeopardize your chances of obtaining expedited citizenship.


Diaz Shafer and the Sunstate Immigration team specialize in helping spouses of U.S. military members apply for expedited naturalization. Our immigration attorneys have the experience and knowledge of immigration law to help you find out if you qualify for expedited citizenship, as well as assist you with the various steps of the process along the way. We’re here for you if you need to qualify for expedited citizenship in the event of your military spouse’s deployment. Call Sunstate Immigration today at 1-855-VISA-SUN to find out more about expedited citizenship and whether it is right for you.