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How an Immigration Lawyer Can Help with Citizenship


If you are trying to obtain citizenship in the United States, you probably already know what a confusing and often frustrating experience it can be. In addition to the many eligibility rules and requirements you must meet, there are many forms that need to be filled out, as well as legal processes that must be carried out before you can become a full-fledged citizen of the United States. In order to successfully navigate the sometimes murky waters of the citizenship-granting process here in the United States, many immigrants choose to hire an immigration attorney to provide counsel, representation and expertise in all matters pertaining to being granted United States citizenship. Here are a few ways hiring an immigration lawyer can help make the process of obtaining United States citizenship far less daunting and complicated than it may be otherwise.


Preparing Your Citizenship Application- Immigrants who are seeking U.S. citizenship must fill out a lengthy application to get the process started. One of the most common problems with the citizenship application process is the length of time it can take the USCIS to process the citizenship application, and many applications get returned or rejected due to errors or omissions. By hiring an immigration attorney, you can be sure your citizenship application will be filled out properly the first time, which will help expedite the process for application approval.


Attending Your Citizenship Interview- One of the most important parts of the process for obtaining U.S. citizenship is the interview which will be conducted by an immigration official. This interview can often be nerve-wracking, which can lead to the applicant becoming flustered and cause him or her to appear suspicious or evasive when in fact he or she is simply experiencing an attack of nerves. By hiring an immigration attorney to accompany you to your interview, you can stay calmer and have a much more successful interview by keeping your nervousness in check. An immigration lawyer can also help address any concerns pertaining to your application or any other issues that may be factors in the decision to grant you U.S. citizenship.


Preparing You for the Citizenship Test- The final hurdle in obtaining United States citizenship is a test relating to U.S. history, laws and other topics that the USCIS feels a citizen should know and understand. Your immigration lawyer can help you prepare for the test by letting you know what will probably be on the test and getting you the materials and resources you need for successful study and testing.


Sunstate Immigration is here for Tampa residents wishing to obtain United States citizenship. Diaz Shafer and her team want to help you become a citizen of the U.S. and can help your application process go much more smoothly. Call 1-855-VISA-SUN (1-855-847-2786) or our direct Tampa office number at 813-250-1300 to get started today.